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Re-employment System of National Public Employees

This re-employment system was established to facilitate coordination between the employment and pension systems so that national public employees will be able to devote themselves to duties without concerns about post-retirement life. It is also designed to assist them to effectively utilize their abilities and experience accumulated over a long period of time. In light of the purposes of the system, which was established in response to Japan's full-scale aging society and the raising of the age for the start of the public pension payments, appointing officers/authorities must note that they are required to re-employ as much as possible persons with the willingness and abilities to continue to work as a public service employee after mandatory retirement.

The "Policy on Promotion of the Re-employment of Elderly National Public Employees" (Decision of the Personnel Management and Administration Council dated June 27, 2001) also requires active efforts to re-employ elderly national public employees based on utilization of the re-employment system.

Points of the Re-employment System

  • The current mandatory retirement age (basically 60 years of age) does not change. The system is utilized within the given fixed number of employees.
  • Re-employed employees engage in the same full-scale duties as pre-retirement employees. The same service discipline is also applied to re-employed employees.
  • Remuneration is decided in consideration of the salary level of private enterprise employees who engage in similar duties, living cost situations, and the balance within the public sector.
  • In addition to full-time employment, a short-time employment system is available to allow flexible work patterns. Remuneration and other working conditions for short-time workers are the same as full-time employees, excluding conditions to which working hours should be reflected (monthly salary, annual leave, etc.).