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NPA Policy Evaluation

The NPA conducts policy evaluation and promotes the following by reflecting evaluation results in policy measures.

  • Enhancement of the policy quality
  • Raising employees' awareness
    Thorough accountability to the public
  • Operation of personnel administration from the people's viewpoint

"Policy evaluation" is conducted based on the "NPA Basic Plan of Policy Evaluation".

Method of policy evaluation

Policies are basically evaluated by the ex-post "achievement evaluation" method. The ex-post "comprehensive evaluation" method or the prior "project evaluation" method is used when necessary.

Procedures of the achievement evaluation

Development of the Evaluation Implementation Plan (at the end of the previous fiscal year)

Implementation of the policies

Implementation of the evaluation
(Results are determined around June in the next fiscal year)

Reflecting the evaluation results

Utilization of academics' knowledge

The NPA holds the "Meeting on NPA Policy Evaluation," collects opinions from academics, and utilizes their knowledge and experience to ensure objectivity of the policy evaluation and enhance the evaluation quality.

Publication of the policy evaluation, etc.

The NPA publicizes the Basic Plan, Implementation Plan, evaluation results, and reflection of evaluation results in policies through the media, NAP website, etc.