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Experts' Meeting on the Ideal Recruitment Examination System

1. Purposes

Recognizing the necessity of reviewing the “career system” (the system for promoting a national public employee depending on the level of the recruitment examination he or she took ) and changes in the system for developing human resource, including the creation of graduate schools for specialist personnel, the National Personnel Authority (NPA) expressed its intention to review the recruitment examinations in a report issued at the time that recommendations were made last year and has since been committed to discussing this matter..

Recently, a bill has been submitted to the Diet to reform the national public employee system. In this context, the experts’ meeting will be organized in order to carry out a detailed study on how to radically revise the recruitment examination system. Academic experts will hold practical discussions from a technical perspective.

2. Participants

The expert committee will be composed of nine academic experts, who are well-informed about the recruitment examinations (see the attached sheet). The Director General of the Personnel Management Bureau will delegate tasks to each of these experts.

3. Major Agenda

  • Analysis of the present situation of the system for developing human resource in the context of system change, etc.
  • Review of the current rectuitment examination system (Level Ⅰ to Ⅲ)                                                 The significance and characteristics of the recruitment examinations, the abilities that are to be assessed the recruitment examinations and the test method, the classification of technical officials, etc.
  • Form of the recruitment examination for graduate students                                                          The significance and characteristics of the recruitment examination for graduate students, the abilities to be assessed and the test method, etc.
  • Form of the specialist recruitment examination and the mid-career recruitment examination

4. Workshop Schedule

After the first meeting is held on Monday, June 9, 2008, the members will meet about once a month, and come to a conclusion by around the end of 2008.

List of the participants of the experts’ meeting on the ideal recruitment examination system

  • Yasuhiro Iwasawa, Professor, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
  • Mariko Okada, Associate Professor, Faculty of economics, Wakayama University
  • Toshiyuki Kanai, Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
  • Hiroko Kudo, Professor, Faculty of law, Chuo University
  • Chair.
  • Shigeru Takahashi, Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University
  • Masakazu Doi, Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University
  • Masamichi Nozawa, Professor, Rikkyo Law School
  • Sohichi Hirose, Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Naoyuki Yoshino, Professor, Faculty of economics, Keiko University
Workshop Schedule
1st meeting June 9, 2008
2nd meeting June 27, 2008
3rd meeting July 28, 2008
4th meeting September 18, 2008
5th meeting October 9, 2008
6th meeting October 30, 2008
7th meeting November 10, 2008
8th meeting December 5, 2008
9th meeting December 26, 2008
10th meeting January 16, 200