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Study Group on Human Resource Training and Development in the Public Service

1. Purposes

The National Personnel Authority (NPA) is committed to providing various training courses and improving their quality with the aim of training national public employees to serve the entire population in the proper manner. In the report issued at the time recommendations were made last year, the NPA clearly demonstrated it was fully aware of the critical importance of securing senior officials with integrity and expertise in public administration and coaching them in order to ensure efficient and high-quality administrative management.

Recently, a bill has been submitted to the Diet to reform the national public employee system. In this context, the NPA considers it necessary to review the current system for training and developing senior officials and other public employees. Accordingly, a study group of experts will be organized to discuss human resource training and development in relation to public administration.

2. Participants

The study group is made up of eight experts from various fields (academic experts, private sector managers, media people and ex-public employees) who are well-informed about human resource training and development in public administration. The Secretary-General of the NPA will delegate tasks to each of these of experts.

List of the members of the study group on human resource training and development in the public service.

Takashi Nishio, Professor, the College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
  • Nobuko Asaumi, Deputy Chief Editorial Writer of Yomiuri Shimbun
  • Toshiyuki Umehara, Advisor, Shikoku Railway Company
  • Mamoru Ozaki, Executive director, Yazaki Memorial Foundation for Science and Technology
  • Hideo Kageyama, Deputy chief commentator, Japan Broadcasting Corporation
  • Hiroko Kudo, Professor, Faculty of Law, Chuo University
  • Atsushi Seike, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University
  • Terunobu Maeda, President & CEO of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. Vice chairman, Nippon Keidanren

3. Major Agenda

  • The abilities and qualities that public employees require
  • The present situation and problems of human resource training and development in public administration
  • The aim of human resource training and development and the roles the NPA should play
  • Concrete measures to review training

4. Schedule

After the first meeting is held on Monday, June 16, 2008, the members will meet about once a month, and come to a conclusion by around the end of 2008.

Workshop Schedule
1st meeting June 16, 2008
2nd meeting July 29, 2008
3rd meeting September 4, 2008
4th meeting October 3, 2008
5th meeting November 6, 2008
6th meeting December 5, 2008