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Is this Sexual Harassment? – Awareness Check –

In this section, you can check problematic language and behavior from the viewpoint of sexual harassment. You will get the result if you click the check button at the end.

Do you think that the following behaviors/situations can be problematic from a sexual harassment point of view? (Print out and check.)


  Yes No
1. The workplace atmosphere will be bad if we question sexual harassment too much. checkbox checkbox
2. Visitors will be pleased if a female employee serves tea. checkbox checkbox
3. We can take on a sexual subject if it boosts the party mood. checkbox checkbox
4. Supervisor may call their subordinates by their nicknames because it represents a sense of closeness. checkbox checkbox
5. Employees may read a nude magazine during lunchtime because it is up to the individual. checkbox checkbox
6. Male employees may put their arm around a female employee's shoulders or hold a female employee's hand when she did a good job or when they cheer her up because it is an expression of feelings. checkbox checkbox
7. Aptitude for work is defined by gender such as negotiations for males and general affairs for females. checkbox checkbox
8. Female employees should be careful about their makeup and clothes at the workplace. checkbox checkbox
9. I assign a female employee to attend a male employee as an assistant when they visit a private enterprise in consideration of the reaction of private enterprises. checkbox checkbox
10. Male employees should show concern for female employees and ask them to go to dinner frequently. checkbox checkbox
11. Difficult duties assigned to male employees can be assigned to competent female employees. checkbox checkbox
12. Only beautiful and shapely women should be recruited. checkbox checkbox
13. Female employees should serve sake voluntarily at a party. checkbox checkbox
14. It is not very desirable for male employees to take annual leave frequently for child care. checkbox checkbox
15. It is good to have a female employee serve tea because it makes visitors feel comfortable. checkbox checkbox
16. I advised a female employee who got upset with an obscene joke to forget about it. checkbox checkbox
17. It is better not to assign female employees to a department with much overtime work because females lack physical strength. checkbox checkbox
18. I invite only part-time female employees to drinking parties regularly because they assist me very well. checkbox checkbox
19. I try to praise the hairstyles and clothes of female employees as much as possible. checkbox checkbox
20. Making an obscene joke is permissible unless it makes the workplace environment bad. checkbox checkbox
21. I always advise female employees to get married as soon as possible. checkbox checkbox
22. It is no problem to talk about subordinates' relationships with the opposite sex at a party because it is necessary to exchange information about such things. checkbox checkbox
23. I advised a female employee who took sexual harassment counseling to avoid rocking the boat because it makes the workplace atmosphere bad. checkbox checkbox
24. I brought a young female employee to a social gathering with employees of other Ministries and Agencies. I think it is no problem because I brought her to break the ice. checkbox checkbox
25. I actively invite a male subordinate who doesn't consume much alcohol for a drink because it is necessary for work. checkbox checkbox
26. I was concerned about and advised an employee who has no child to have a child as soon as possible. checkbox checkbox
27. I have chiefly female employees participate in service training. checkbox checkbox
28. I made a joke to carry on when I saw one of my subordinates asking a part-time female employee to go to a drinking party persistently. checkbox checkbox
29. I ordered a beautiful single female employee to attend my supervisor's business trip. checkbox checkbox
30. It is inevitable for male employees to be hostile or stay away from a female employee who asserts her opinion. checkbox checkbox