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Is this Sexual Harassment? – Understanding Check –

In this section, you can check your understanding of sexual harassment language and behavior and causes of sexual harassment. Questions are divided into three difficulty levels. You will get the result (correct answers and explanation) if you click the check button at the end.

Do you think that the following behaviors/situations can be "sexual harassment" or "problem caused by sexual harassment" at the workplace? If you think "Yes", please also think about the reason. (Print out and check.)

Level A

  Yes No
(1) I ignore a female employee during work because she does not go out for dinner with me. checkbox checkbox
(2) Somebody spread a sexual rumor after I had coffee with a male coworker outside the office. checkbox checkbox
(3) Female employees are expected to sit beside the department manager at a party. checkbox checkbox
(4) A friend who serves as a sexual harassment counselor told me details of counseling at a party. checkbox checkbox
(5) I massage the shoulders of female employees when they are tired. checkbox checkbox
(6) A section manager holds a drinking party regularly with only female employees. checkbox checkbox
(7) I care about a female coworker and asked her to go to dinner. checkbox checkbox

Level B

  Yes No
(1) I made a serious and romantic overture to a female coworker repeatedly even after she refused. checkbox checkbox
(2) I assign female employees to secretary duties as much as possible. checkbox checkbox
(3) Both male and female employees enjoyed a karaoke duet very much at a "job well done" party. checkbox checkbox
(4) It is suitable to assign a female employee to hand a bunch of flowers at a ceremony. checkbox checkbox
(5) I gathered only male employees for job training. checkbox checkbox
(6) A male supervisor scolded me saying, "Get a grip as a man". checkbox checkbox

Level C

  Yes No
(1) I always praise female employees saying, "You look beautiful". checkbox checkbox
(2) I try not to order female employees to work overtime as much as possible. checkbox checkbox
(3) Male employees are ranking female employees regularly. checkbox checkbox
(4) Male employees hold drinking parties by themselves because they form a congenial society. checkbox checkbox
(5) An employee filed a complaint about sexual harassment, so I transferred the accused person immediately. checkbox checkbox
(6) I asked one of my subordinates, "Don't you plan to have another child?" checkbox checkbox