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Information on NPA Training

As the central personnel administration organization, the NPA plans training for national public employees, offers comprehensive coordination and guidance for training conducted by the Cabinet Office and Ministries, and conduct various training for all employees of the Office and Ministries.

Training by Levels of Positions Administrative Seminar for Executives Seminar to provide executives an opportunity to think about ideal future public administration and administrators
Administrative Training Training to develop personnel who are expected to play a central role in national public administration, to enhance policy planning ability, and to think about national policy issues etc. in a long-term and multifaceted way
Training for Employees of Local Organizations

Training by Levels of Positions for employees of Local Organizatons to enhance the knowledge and skills a public employee requires

Instructor Training JST Basic Course/Special Course

Training for Assistant Directors and Unit Chief level employees to enhance their management skills, such as general management and leadership

Training for Ethics and Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training to enhance the sense of ethics and prevent sexual harassment of public employees
Training for Business Manners

Training to grasp basic business manners in order to increase awareness of their importance.

Theme-specific Training Training for Female Employees Training to enhance abilities of female employees
Training for Mid-career Recruits Training for those who were hired as public employees from the private sector
Mentor Training

Training to enhance basic knowledge and awareness of mentors in the workplace and to improve communication skills

Government-wide Training Program for Evaluators Training to enhance evaluation skills as a subset of the management skills required by a supervisor

Training for employees in charge of training and recruitment

Training for personnel who engage in planning of training, instructing, etc. and who are in charge of recruitment
Other Theme-specific Training Training for specific themes such as volunteer, language, etc.
Dispatching Training Training to develop personnel who can respond to more internationalized, complex and sophisticated public administration

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