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Annual Report


(April 2017~March 2018)

National Personnel Authority

Government of Japan

In compliance with Article 24 of the National Public Service Act, the National Personnel Authority submits its Annual Report to the Diet and the Cabinet every year.
This English version is based on extracts from the original Japanese report.

Table of Contents



Number and Type of Public Employees

An Introduction to the NPA

Volume 1 - Personnel Administration

 Part 1. Major Trends in Personnel Administration in the Past Year

   Chapter 1. Ensuring Proper Remuneration for Public Employees
     1. Recommendation and Report
     2. Treatment of the Remuneration Recommendation
Utilization of Abilities and Experiences of Elderly Employees

   Chapter 2. Reform of Working Styles and Improvement of Working Environments
     1. Correction of Working Long Hours
Improvement of Support for Work and Family Life

      Chapter 3. Securing and Development of Diverse Human Resources
     1. Securing of Human Resources
2. Development of Human Resources

   Chapter 4. International Cooperation and Promotion of IT in Personnel Administration
International Cooperation and International Exchange
            2. Promotion of IT for Personnel Management Duties

 Part 2. Development of Employees in Their 30s Who Will Play a Central Role in the Next-Generation Administration and Invigoration of the Entire Public Sector: Exploring Issues and Measures Through the Consciousness Survey

Chapter 1. Environment Surrounding the Employees in Their 30s
    Section 1. Current Situation of the Employees in Their 30s
     1. Number of Employees and Personnel Structure
     2. Duties
     3. Work-Life Balance
    Section 2. Recent Working Environment for Employees
     1. Measures for More Transparent Procedures
     2. Emphasis on Work-Life Balance
     3. Changes in Performing Responsible Duties
     4. State of Heteronomous Duties

   Chapter 2. Consciousness of Employees in Their 30s
    Section 1. Issues Found in the Previous Survey
     1. Average Values of Answers by Age Group
     2. The Items to Be Surveyed Further
    Section 2. Survey of the Employees in Their 30s
              1. Survey Methodology
              2. Overview of the Survey Results

   Chapter 3. Considerations of the Issues and the Measures
    Section 1. Findings of the Surveys
     1. Rectification of Working Long Hours and Promotion of Flexible Working Style
     2. Elimination of Concerns About Career Development
             3. Improvement of Consciousness about Management
             4. Improvement in Communication
             5. Maintenance/Raising of Awareness as Servants of All Citizens and Further Enhancement of Challenging Spirit
    Section 2. Consideration of the Measures
     1. Measures for the Issues Related to Workplace Environment
                 ~Creation of Workplace Environment Where Employees Can Work Actively~
     2. Measures for Issues Related to Career Development
                 ~ Enhancement of Public Service Efficiency and Expertise Through Realizing Employees’ Diverse Career ~
             3. Measures for the Issues Related to Employees’ Consciousness and Communication
                 ~Enhancement of Management and Activation of Communication at Workplace by Superiors ~


   Part 3. NPA Activities in FY2017

   Chapter 1. Appointment and Dismissal of Employees
    Section 1. Securing Human Resources
    Section 2. Recruitment Examinations
     1. Recruitment Examination Conducted in FY2017
     2. Improvements in the Recruitment Examination System in FY2018
    Section 3. Appointment
1. The Initial Appointment in FY2017
     2. Appointment Status Survey of National Public Employees in Regular Service
     3. Appointment to Specified Government Positions (Division Directors at the HQ)
     4. Appointment for Senior Officials
     5. Enlargement of Initial Appointment and Promotion of Female National Public Employees
     6. Promotion of Employees Appointed Through Level II and III Examinations to Senior Positions
     7. Dispatch to Law Schools, the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee, and the Fukushima Soso Reconstruction Corporation
    Section 4. Promoting Appointment of Human Resources from the Private Sector
     1. Appointment of Private Sector Personnel to Invigorate the Public Service
     2. Fixed-term Appointment
     3. Fixed-term Appointment of Researchers
     4. Personnel Exchange between the Government and the Private Sector
    Section 5. Situation Related to Changes in Status
     1. Demotion and Dismissal
     2. Administrative Leave
     3. Pay Reduction

Chapter 2. Human Resources Development
    Section 1. Outline of Training Systems Conducted by the NPA
    Section 2. Training by Level of Position
     1. Administrative Training
     2. Experience-based Training at a Consultation Service Counter for the Newly Promoted to the D.D.G. Level
     3. Training for Employees of Regional Offices
    Section 3. Dispatch Training
     1. Overseas Fellowship Programs
     2. Domestic Fellowship Programs
     3. Overseas Study Costs Repayment System
    Section 4. Training Courses for Special Themes
     1. Training Courses for Special Theme
     2. The Instructor Training Programs

Chapter 3. Remuneration of Employees
    Section 1. Report and Recommendations on Remuneration
     1. Mechanism for Remuneration Recommendation
     2. 2017 Report and Recommendation
     3. Survey of Remuneration of National Public Employees
     4. Survey of Job-by-Job Pay Rates in Private Enterprises
    Section 2. Implementation of the Remuneration Act
     1. Revision of the Fixed Numbers of Officials in Each Grade of Salary Schedules

Chapter 4. Life Planning for Public Employees
    Section 1. Situation of Mandatory Retirement and Reappointment System
     1. Situation of Mandatory Retirement and Employment Extension
     2. Implementing the Reappointment System
 Living Conditions After Mandatory Retirement
    Section 2. Support for Life Planning After Mandatory Retirement

  Chapter 5. Public Employees' Working Environment
    Section 1. Working Hours and Leave
     1. Situation of Overtime Work and Annual Leave Taken
     2. Research and Study Regarding the System of Working Hours and Leave
    Section 2. Health and Safety Measures
     1. Promotion of Health Management
     2. Ensuring Safety
     3. Instructions and Enlightenment on Health and Safety Management
    Section 3. Measures to Prevent Harassment
    Section 4. Childcare Leave System
     1. Expansion of Childcare Leave System
     2. Childcare Leave Actually Taken
    Section 5.
Leave for Self-Development and Leave System to Accompany a Spouse
    Section 6. Accident Compensation
     1. Revision of the Accident Compensation System
     2. Status of the Implementation of Accident Compensation System
    Section 7. Audits
     1. Payrolls Audits
     2. Audit of Health and Safety Management
     3. Audit of Implementation of Accident Compensation
    Section 8. Service Discipline and Disciplinary Action
     1. Service Discipline
     2. Disciplinary Action
     3. The Concurrent Holding of Positions

Chapter 6. Employee Organization
    Section 1. Range of Managerial Personnel
    Section 2. Registration of Employee Organizations
    Section 3. Officials’ Acts on Behalf of Employee Organization
     1. Exclusive Engagement
     2. Short Term Engagement
    Section 4. Meetings with Employee Organizations

Chapter 7. Equity Process
    Section 1. Appeal against Disadvantageous Disposition
    Section 2. Requests for Administrative Action on Working Conditions
    Section 3. Appeals for Review Related to Implementation of Accident Compensation and Appeals for Measures Related to Welfare Services
    Section 4. Appeals for Reviews Related to Remuneration Decisions
    Section 5. Consultation of Complaints

Chapter 8. International Cooperation
    Section 1. Status of Personnel Dispatches Based on the Employee Dispatching Act
    Section 2. International Cooperation and Exchange
     1. Invitation of Foreign Government Executives
2. Invitation of Officials from the Personnel Administrative Agencies of the Asian Countries
     3. Cooperation with Developing Countries
     4. The China-Japan-Korea Personnel Policy Network
     5. The Mike Mansfield Fellowship Program
     6. Research Groups from Abroad

Chapter 9. Promotion of IT for Personnel Management Duties

  Chapter 10. NPA President's Award

 Volume 2 -Activities of the National Public Service Ethics Board

  Chapter 1. Cultivation of Employees' Ethics Awareness and Creation of Ethical Organization Climate
     1. Cultivation of Employees’ Ethics Awareness
     2. Creation of Ethical Organization Climate
     3. Public Relations Activity and Opinion Hearing Concerning Public Service Ethics

  Chapter 2. Status of Reporting System under the Ethics Act
     1. Outline of the Reporting System
     2. Reports Submitted in Recent Years

Chapter 3. Strict and Prompt Response to Violation of the Ethics Act
     1. Outline of Investigations and Disciplinary Procedures
     2. Status of Investigations and Disciplinary Actions for Suspected Violations of the Ethics Act

     Appendix 1: Incumbents in Each Salary Schedule
     Appendix 2: History of NPA Remuneration Recommendations
     Appendix 3: Organization Chart of the Japanese Government
     Appendix 4: Organization Chart of the NPA