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Annual Report


(April 2019~March 2020)

National Personnel Authority

Government of Japan

In compliance with Article 24 of the National Public Service Act, the National Personnel Authority submits its Annual Report to the Diet and the Cabinet every year.
This English version is based on extracts from the original Japanese report.

Table of Contents


  Number and Type of Public Employees
  An Introduction to the NPA

Volume 1 - Personnel Administration

 Part 1. Major Trends in Personnel Administration in the Past Year

  •    Chapter 1. Ensuring Proper Remuneration for Public Employees
  •    Chapter 2. Reform of Working Styles and Improvement of Working Environments
  •    Chapter 3. Securing and Development of Diverse Human Resources
  •    Chapter 4. Measures for Employment of Persons with Disabilities in the Public Sector
  •    Chapter 5. Measures against COVOD-19
  •    Chapter 6. International Cooperation in Personnel Administration

 Part 2. To Develop National Public Employees who Open the Way to a Global Society

  •    Introduction
  •    Chapter 1.  The current State of Increasingly Complicated and Sophisticated Duties Related to International Affairs
  •    Chapter 2. The Measures Taken by NPA, the Cabinet Office and Each Ministry to Secure and Develop International Human Resources
  •    Chapter 3. The Measures to Secure and Develop International Human Resources
  •    Conclusion


  Part 3. NPA Activities in FY2019

  •    Chapter 1. Appointment and Dismissal of Employees
  •    Chapter 2. Human Resources Development
  •    Chapter 3. Remuneration of Employees
  •    Chapter 4. Life Planning for Public Employees
  •    Chapter 5. Public Employees' Working Environment
  •    Chapter 6. Employee Organization
  •    Chapter 7. Equity Process
  •    Chapter 8. International Cooperation
  •    Chapter 9. Promotion of IT for Personnel and Remuneration Duties
  •    Chapter 10. NPA President's Award

 Volume 2 -Activities of the National Public Service Ethics Board

  •    Chapter 1. Cultivation of Employees' Ethics Awareness and Creation of Ethical Organization Climate
  •    Chapter 2. Status of Reporting System under the Ethics Act
  •    Chapter 3. Strict and Prompt Response to Violation of the Ethics Act


  •    Appendix 1: Incumbents in Each Salary Schedule
  •    Appendix 2: History of NPA Remuneration Recommendations
  •    Appendix 3: Organization Chart of the Japanese Government
  •    Appendix 4: Organization Chart of the NPA